The Geeks

The Geeks

Matthew and Sarah- The Geeks (Photo: Kaila Cales Photography)

So who are the Geeks Who Eat? How did this site come about? Well let us tell you a tale, ok not really but this is where you will learn about us!

Sarah- Known in the blogging world as DC, Sarah started blogging at DAPs Magic in 2009. The focus was primarily Disney and other geeky topics but she wanted to write about more. After realizing that in addition to geek culture, her passion was food, Geek Eats was born. When it became apparent that writing for someone’s blog just wouldn’t be enough, Sarah made the tough decision to only contribute to Geek Eats. With the encouragement and support of Matthew, the Geeks Who Eat dream became a reality.

Matthew- Matthew didn’t know what was coming for him when he started dating Sarah. Little did he know that she would be dragging him into the world of social media (kicking and screaming) and food events! Matthew is the brains behind all of the tech of Geeks Who Eat. Web Developer by day and gamer by night, it was a natural fit. He also has a great eye for photography (especially food photography) and an amazing talent for making interesting and unique drinks.


The Geeks in the Media

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How did we get to where we are? It wasn’t without a bit of help! Below are sites and tools we love!

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2 Replies to “The Geeks”

  1. So glad to find this! You guys just followed my biz twitter, @GreyCatDot3. I was on Greater Phoenix Ethnic Lunch but the group was not to my taste.

    I love food but sometimes, I can be worse than a vegan with food allergies. I just don’t drink alcohol, coffee, don’t eat raw onions or peppers of any kind and I can only handle some spicy foods. Don’t worry though because my particulars don’t limit where I can eat.

    I wish there was better food at Geeks Who Drink venues. Can we make that happen?

    I am looking forward to attending some of your events.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! While we aren’t affiliated with Geeks Who Drink and we don’t host events (yet), we would be happy to do a little research into restaurants that offer great food for the palette that may not be as exotic. We’ll let you know what we find!

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