Arizona Craft Brewers Guild to Donate 40 Trees to City of Phoenix Public Parks

Arizona Craft Brewers GuildReduce, reuse, recycle, – the three R’s of environmentally friendly initiatives, gets a new meaning this summer as the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild gears up for its annual Real, Wild and Woody Beer Festival.

In collaboration with Moon Valley Nursery, the Guild will feature 40 stunning locally sourced trees in its indoor rustic festival décor this Saturday, July 23, 2016 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Following the festival, all 40 trees will be donated to the City of Phoenix as part of a replanting effort to improve local community parks.

I was excited to learn that Arizona Craft Brewers Guild was making this generous donation to the city’s Parks and Recreation Department,” Phoenix Councilwoman, and Chairperson of the city’s Parks, Arts, Transparency and Education Subcommittee, Laura Pastor said. “This outreach to help beautify our parks is commendable and most appreciated. While these trees will improve aesthetics, they also will help in a variety of environmental ways and will help the city stay on track to achieve its sustainability goals.”

With a goal of planting the majority of the trees at Steele Indian School Park, Arizona Craft Brewers Guild, Executive Director, Rob Fulmer, said, “As the largest urban park in our community, Steel Indian School Park has been a preferred location for the Guild’s annual Strong Beer Festival in February. It’s an ideal place for festivals and it’s our version of Central Park. Our brewers want to add to its legacy.”

To achieve Phoenix’s ambitious goal of 25% tree canopy coverage by 2030, a significant and broad-based initiative will be necessary to get the job done. The partnership between our statewide craft brewer’s organization, a local nursery, and city parks and rec department to plant 40 trees where they’re needed is a positive and welcome step in the right direction,” said Jim McPherson, Evans Churchill Community Association board member who has advocated for tree replanting in and around downtown Phoenix.

More details will be announced once the date and time are confirmed. For more information about the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild, visit

Located at the Phoenix Convention Center, Real, Wild & Woody will feature 50 of the Southwest’s best craft brewers pouring specialty casks, rich and unique flavor combinations and other never-before-sipped brews from some of the industry’s best on Saturday, July 23, 2016. For more information and to purchase tickets to attend Real, Wild and Woody, visit

About the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild
The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild was established in 1998. It is recognized as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(6) organization. Members are comprised of registered Arizona breweries. Associate Memberships are granted to businesses and organizations that have some relationship to the brewing industry. For more information, visit

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