Infusion Coffee and Tea Introduces Coffee Flights

Infusion Coffee and Tea Coffee FlightInfusion Coffee and Tea is leading the industry again—this time with the introduction of their new coffee flights! Dedicated to sharing their love of coffee and coffee culture, Infusion Coffee and Tea are using their 35 years of experience to craft a new experience for their customers, The Flight!

The Flight, $8, contains 3 oz. pours of the following:

Push Cold Brew
Single Origin Cold Brew
Piccolo (espresso drink)
Cold Drip Coffee

This is a caffeine addict’s dream! Available now!

Infusion Coffee & Tea
1300 E 8th Street
Tempe AZ 85281

About Infusion Coffee and Tea
Independently owned and operated, Infusion Coffee and Tea crafts every cup of coffee and tea to please your taste and embark you on a discovery voyage across continents, cultures and brewing methods. Just like wines, coffee and tea offers many intriguing aromas and flavors as well as stories from the producers and world habits. Embark with them on this journey and get caffeinated.

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