Spinelli’s Tempe Donates to Support Victims of Pulse Shooting

Early Sunday morning the US was stung with the news of Orlando’s mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub. Information is still being brought to our attention as the investigation continues but what we do know is that the innocent lives lost due to such horrific behavior will forever be missed. Sunday afternoon President Obama said in his speech “The fact that it took place at a
club frequented by the LGBT community I think is also relevant. It’s a reminder that regardless of race, religion, faith or sexual orientation, we’re all Americans, and we need to be looking after each other and protecting each other at all times in the face of this kind of terrible act.”

With such diversity in the city of Phoenix, Spinelli’s Pizzeria deems themselves to be a safe place that accepts all people from all walks of life. On Wednesday, June 15th Spinelli’s owner wishes to donate 20% of gross sales for the entire day to the Pulse
Night Club’s GoFundMe page to support the victims. From 11:00am until 5:00am Spinelli’s encourages those who wish to donate to dine in at the restaurant or order for delivery and know that something so simple as ordering food is going towards a great cause.

Spinellis Pulse Donation

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