Food Boutique vomFASS Scottsdale is a Foodie’s Dream Come True

vomFass Scottsdale VinegarTucked in the Scottsdale Waterfront is food lover’s paradise! Not only are their great restaurants, but that is where vomFASS Scottsdale is located! If you are looking for an interesting gift for the foodie in your life (or heck, yourself) this is your one stop shop. We recently attended an open house to learn more about vomFASS and their fantastic offerings.

When you first enter the store, it may seem overwhelming. The selection of oils, vinegars, spirits, and wine is vast! They feature over 30 different kinds of oils, 30 different types of vinegar, as well as more wines and spirits than you can count! They also carry spices, mustards, and other foodie gifts. We were in absolute bliss. Between our love for spirits and vinegars, we didn’t know where to begin! Thankfully the staff is very knowledgeable and can point you in the right direction.

As we toured the store we sampled various products and had a few favorites:

vomFASS Liqueurs“Against the Grain” Irish Single Grain Whiskey- The website describes this spirit as “a very unique combination of aged Irish Single Grain whiskey containing 50% Single Grain matured in Bourbon Barrels and 50% matured in Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels. By doing this we are “going against the grain” by not using this to blend with Malt but instead showcasing that Grain whiskey in its own right is very interesting and unique expression of Irish whiskey.” Against the grain is right! This whiskey definitely picks up some unique characteristics from both the bourbon and wine barrels. The flavor profile is not what you’d expect from an Irish whiskey but that isn’t a bad thing.

Wild Rose Liqueur- This liqueur is described as, “delicate and concentrated on the palate, this liqueur has a gentle hint of rose petals and a slightly sweet finish”. We were pleasantly surprised by this liqueur. If you have ever messed around with rose water you know that it is some potent stuff. A little typically goes too far. This however, was quite pleasant and as it was served with Prosecco. It was very refreshing to say the least.

vomFASS Salmon BitesHoney Balsamic Vinegar- The Honey Balsamic Vinegar is made from forest blossom honey from Southern Germany and is additionally matured in oak and acacia barrels. We adore vinegar at Geeks Who Eat headquarters (we probably have like 6 different types at the moment) and this was truly magical. The honey notes make it a lighter flavor that would be perfect on fruit! You can also get the Star version of this vinegar which is a bit thicker and more like a reduction.

Another thing we really appreciated about vomFASS was the fact that they have recipe cards around the store and online for their products. This is fantastic when you see a unique oil or vinegar and just aren’t quite sure how to use it! Not only can you potentially make that recipe, but once you see its use, you can create your own! We got to try a few of these recipes and they are fantastic! We couldn’t get enough of the Chili Mango Salmon Bites. These feature their Chili Oil and Mango Balsam and are to die for!

We really enjoyed our experience at vomFASS Scottsdale (and yes we did buy some of the Honey Balsamic Vinegar to add to our collection). We are doing going to be heading back! What are some of your favorite oils and vinegars? Where did you get them? Why do you love them? Leave your favorites in the comments below or tag us with the #hashtag #GeekEats!

vomFASS Scottsdale is located at: 7135 E Camelback Rd #145, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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  1. Thank you for the great write up Geeks Who Eat! We are thrilled that you loved our store, and appreciate the help getting our name out there! Can’t wait to see more passionate foodies like yourselves in vomFASS Scottsdale!

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