Dinner at The Herb Box Delights

Recently we had the opportunity to dine at the newest location of The Herb Box. This new location opened in Midtown’s newest hot spot, The Colony. We have been to The Herb Box numerous times in the past but always for brunch (Smoked Salmon Hash anyone?). We decided to change it up a bit and try them out for dinner. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made!

As per the norm, we started our meal with a couple of cocktails. We ordered The Martinez (Bombay Sapphire gin, sweet vermouth, Luxardo cherry liqueur and Angostura bitters) and The Lemon Basil Martini (Deep Eddy Lemon vodka and fresh basil leaves). The Martinez felt very old school (in a good way) and was reminiscent of many classic cocktails. The Lemon Basil Martini was light and refreshing.The Herb Box Cocktails

Along with our cocktails we ordered The Cheese Board of the Moment. The current Cheese Board of the Moment is comprised of pan-fried Crow’s Dairy goat’s milk feta, Mediterranean olives, lemon, honey, rosemary, aleppo chili, and dry aged salami. For starters, the presentation of this cheese board is absolutely stunning. Aside from that, it tasted phenomenal! The pairing of the salty feta and honey was ingenious! Also, the grilled bread added another level of flavor with its smokiness. All around, this was one of the best cheese boards we’ve had in a restaurant.The Herb Box Cheese Board of the Moment

Unsure of what to order, we asked our server for a couple of suggestions. He went through his favorites and we ended up with the Thai BBQ Baby Back Ribs (served with apple jicama slaw and smoked gouda mac-n-cheese) and the Char Grilled Beef Tenderloin (served with ancho-bourbon demi, gorgonzola cream, warm green beans, fingerling potatoes, red onion, celery, fennel, blistered tomatoes, and smoky blue cheese). Both suggestions were spot on! Herb Box Thai BBQ Baby Back Ribs

The sauce on the ribs was amazing (not going to lie, we already have discussed trying to make a copy cat recipe at home)! It was spicy and had that great sweet and cilantro-esque flavor you’d expect from an Asian style sauce. We also noticed that the sauce really brought out the gouda in the mac-n-cheese! The tenderloin was cooked to a perfect medium rare (which seems to be harder than you’d think). The ancho bourbon demi was out of this world! According to our server it takes 72 hours to make it and the flavors built are fantastic! The Herb Box Char Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Trying out the dinner menu at The Herb Box was a great call. It is always great when you get to try something out of your comfort zone. What are some restaurants that you’ve always gone to for a specific meal and were pleasantly surprised when you tried a different meal there? We’d love to hear all about it! Leave a comment below or use the hash tag #GeekEats!

The Herb Box in The Colony is located at: 5538 N. 7th St., Phoenix , AZ 85014

*The Geeks were given comped items to facilitate this write-up; Information about the menu items was provided to us, opinions are wholly our own. View our Disclosure Policy for more info.

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