3 Foodie Havens to Visit During Phoenix Comicon

We have visited Phoenix Comicon numerous times and until last year, the convention center food has been lacking (that’s putting it nicely). There are several restaurants in the area that have decent food but are typically packed with con-goers. Why should geeks who happen to be foodies as well suffer? Well no longer! Foodie geeks should not feel as though Comicon is a barren waste land of food options that are just okay. We have put together some options that may have a bit of a crowd but will definitely be worth the wait!

Betelnut Belly Buns

Bitter & Twisted Betelnut Belly Buns

Bitter & Twisted– Not far from the Phoenix Convention Center, Bitter and Twisted offers an amazing selection of cocktails and Asian inspired food. Proprietor Ross Simon is a bit of a geek himself so even the menus have a video game theme. Bitter and Twisted will even be hosting an 8-Bitters Party on Thursday, June 2nd. Please note that the 8-Bitters Party is a 21+ event.

Blue Hound Kitchen– BHK is one of our favorite places to go during Comicon to grab a drink, typically less crowded than other spots due to being nestled in the Hotel Palomar. The craft cocktails at BHK are as beautiful as they are tasty! If you are feeling adventurous (and enjoy bourbon), order The Lawless! You won’t regret it!

DCM Burger Joint South X Southwest Burger

DCM Burger Joint South X Southwest Burger

DeSoto Central Market– We’ve made no secret of our love for Chef Stephen Jones and DeSoto Central Market. DCM is bit further away from the Phoenix Convention Center but is well worth the walk, light rail, or Uber. With a large selection of restaurants within DCM, from burgers at DCM Burger to southern inspired fare at Larder + Delta to even fresh oysters at Walrus and the Pearl, everyone will find something they enjoy.

Downtown Phoenix is full of great food and these are just a few of the amazing dining spots available to Phoenix Comicon attendees. On a side note, if you are looking for room delivery at your hotel, ZPizza has a killer Thai Chicken Pizza. Where are some of your favorite places to eat during Phoenix Comicon? We’d love to know! Feel free to tweet us during Phoenix Comicon for more food suggestions and dining tips! We’d also love to see your food pictures from the weekend! Leave a comment below or use the hash tag #GeekEats!

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