Grill the Perfect Burger with Grilling Tips from Burger Theory

Get some great grilling tips from Burger Theory! #grilling #grillingtipsIt’s time to kick off summer on Memorial Day with a perfectly grilled burger. There’s no better time than now to offer some of the best kept grilling tips and secrets to cooking delicious burgers. Burger Theory, the newest burger joint to hit the Valley, creates mouthwatering gourmet burgers and they want to share some tips on how make your best summer burger:

  • Before you begin grilling decide which type of patty you will be using. Beef, chicken, veggie, turkey? Once you have decided you are all set to begin grilling.
  • When getting ready to grill any kind of meat, take it out of the refrigerator about 15 minutes before putting in on the grill.  This allows for the meat to brown and caramelize more evenly.
  • Once you place your patty on the hot grill, leave it alone and allow it to sizzle. Give it a chance to sear and seal in those tasty juices. When you are able to easily life your patty off the grill, it is ready to be flipped.
  • When your meat is grilled to your liking, take if off of the grill and let it rest. Set your meat aside, cover it with aluminum foil and allow the juices in the meat to redistribute. If you cut into the burger before allowing the meat to rest, all of the juices will come out and your meat will be dry.
  • Once your burger is grilled to perfection, spice it up with unique toppings like garlic mayo, goat cheese, grilled veggies or even coleslaw.

Now you are ready to host your Memorial Day celebration with the most perfect burgers!

About Burger Theory

Founded in ­­­2014, Burger Theory is an exceptional burger concept that seeks to reinvent classic dishes by exciting your taste buds with new and fresh flavors. With over 4,300 burger options and 30 plus local craft beers, there will be no shortage of excellent dining options. Burger Theory’s fun and lively atmosphere will have you coming back for more. Burger Theory is located at 4401 E. McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85008. Visit them at or like their Facebook page at

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  1. Yum. Your post made me salivate. You talked about choosing the patty you want to use before grilling them. I’ve always preferred beef because of its tender meat. But I’ve never really had the time to grill my own burger patties. I always go to fast food restaurants because it’s more convenient and practical. Thanks for sharing this article.

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