Easter Tips with Joanie Simon

Joanie Simon SCPRecently we were asked by Joanie Simon to be guests on her 5th Sober Chicken Podcast. In the Phoenix food community there are a ton of great foodies, bloggers, site owners, and more; Joanie however, is on her own level of awesome. Not only is she a great writer, photographer, and podcaster, but she is one of the most genuine and helpful people we’ve met. We have even given her a hashtag (#WWJSD, What Would Joanie Simon Do), because her tenacity and dedication doesn’t only extend to making only her photos and site great, but also to helping the Phoenix food community as whole.

But we digress, in addition to us being guests, Joanie talked with Executive Chef Rich Hinojosa of the Wigwam Resort. Chef Hinojosa is a 20 year kitchen veteran, and uses this experience to share several fun and easy ideas to make your Easter meal extra special. From the perfect brûlée on a glazed ham to a killer pineapple and cherry relish (the recipe is on the podcast recap on Joanie’s site). If you aren’t into cooking your own Easter meal (or using our egg salad idea), there is always the option of visiting Chef Hinojosa at the Wigwam Resort for their epic holiday brunch.

Joanie also spoke with Angel Fuchs of Yay Baby Blog. Angel shares her new favorite tradition inspired by some leftover Pellegrino. She explains how to make your beverage offerings at Easter both refreshing and interactive. You can visit Angel’s site for the full recipe for her Yum Fresh Fruit Sodas and some fun Easter tips. Angel also discussed how to handle the picky eaters in your house and her hacks for Easter leftovers (two problems that are totally not prominent in the Geeks Who Eat Household).

Now you might be wondering what the Geeks contributed to the conversation. You will have to listen to find out! But we promise that no Peeps were harmed during the recording of our segment. Afterwards? We can’t make any promises!

You can listen to the podcast below but make sure you subscribe! It’s available in iTunes and Stitcher!


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