McDonald’s Set to Bring Back Szechuan Sauce

This past October, in what could be considered one of the smartest or worst marketing campaigns ever, McDonald’s re-released very limited amounts of Szechuan Sauce. The sauce, originally released during a promotion for Mulan, was made popular again by the hit show Rick and Morty. Sadly, only a very limited amount of sauce was made available. McDonald’s was ill prepared for the outrage that would ensue.

At the time, McDonald’s promised that they would be bringing the sauce back due to the large demand. There had been no update until yesterday when McDonald’s posted this video:

That’s right folks! McDonald’s is making good on its word and is bring  the (newly) beloved sauce back! Excited fans can visit on the 22nd of February to find out the exact release date! We will keep you updated as we have more information!

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