Renegade Launches Tap 4 Tap, Providing Clean Water to Those in Need

Tap 4 TapSince Renegade opened in Summer of 2011, the company has worked with many nonprofits. To name a few, in 2014 Renegade hosted a monthly fundraiser for local animal shelter, MaxFund. Their Offensively Delicious Comedy and Beer event during Great American Beer Festival benefited the Denver Public Library. Renegade can also be found pouring beer at many festivals benefiting groups statewide. Craft beer and local nonprofits seem to go hand-in-hand, but starting 2016 Renegade is taking their involvement to another level.

Renegade’s Tap 4 Tap project will transform the company to a one-for-one business model made famous by Tom’s Shoes and will make history in the beer business by being the first brewing company to apply the model. Renegade will be supporting global clean water projects through beer sales. For every gallon of Renegade beer purchased, the brewing company will donate one day of clean water to those in need. To put that in perspective, simply picking up a growler of beer at the Renegade taproom provides ½ a day of clean water. Every restaurant that puts a Renegade keg on tap is helping to supply 15 and ½ days clean water for every keg. Each six pack that is purchased from a liquor store will provide over ½ a day of clean water.

Beer drinkers are aware that the most abundant ingredient to any brew is water. Those who reside in the United States benefit from having nearly unlimited access to clean water. American towns without access to clean water make national headlines. Water is an invaluable resource many take for granted. In developing countries, clean water is a daily concern. A family’s water needs is critical to their health and well-being. As a brewer, Renegade is concerned with the availability of drinkable water around the world.

Renegade founder and president, Brian O’Connell, entered the beer industry after working for years in the nonprofit sector. As a researcher, O’Connell evaluated the impact of nonprofit programs. O’Connell did not put aside philanthropic ideals as he entered the beer industry. Tap 4 Tap will allow Renegade to make a societal impact, while still providing the same great brews the public has come to know and love. With a distribution network that spans five states, Renegade can raise awareness among many beer drinkers and make a large impact on clean water needs.

Tap 4 Tap giving started in January 2016 and after two months the impact has reached 16,000 days of clean drinking water. Renegade is projecting 7000 barrels of sales in 2016 making donation of over 200,000 days possible for 2016.

The project will go public with a launch party in the Renegade taproom on Thursday, March 24. Starting at 5 PM, the first 100 people in the door will receive give-away items. A keep-the-glass giveaway will last throughout the night. Renegade invites all media, beer drinkers, and socially conscious individuals to come out, learn about the Tap 4 Tap project, and contribute either by donating to the cause or simply drinking beer.

Renegade’s taproom is located at 925 W. 9th Avenue, Denver and will be open 2 PM until 10 PM, with events kicking off at 5 PM.


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