Frightening Ass Movie Marathon Cinnfully Satanic Snack Pairing

Frightening Ass Movie MarathonHappy October! We’re back from our hiatus to share a few new recipes and to let you know about an event we are super excited to be a part of (not sponsored)! On October 13th, 2023 acclaimed genre festival The Chattanooga Film Festival will host a resurrection for their popular Halloween horror event, the Frightening Ass Film Fest, in the form of the virtually-presented FRIGHTENING ASS MOVIE MARATHON.

Though similar in scope to the fan-favorite CFF event that has featured an eclectic mix of horror programming from all eras, the Frightening Ass Movie Marathon (FAMM) will take a hint from the popularity of CFF 2023’s nightly Red Eye Screenings and keep the included films a mystery to ticket holders until the viewing window opens.

As with the Red Eye Screenings, the titles will be obscure hidden gems and bizarre curiosities. Three secret selections will be shown, with a fourth also available as a bonus to the festival’s Patreon Double Secret Cinema Society members.

To prepare for Chattanooga Film Fest's Frightening Ass Movie Marathon, The Geeks have put together a themed cocktail and snack pairing. #snack #movienight #moviesnacks #CFF #cocktail

Each film will feature an accompanying Watch Party via the festival’s Discord server; between movies, guests can also participate in spooky games with equally spooky prizes and even learn to make freakishly fun movie snacks courtesy of us! In conjunction with Final Girls Feast, we will be hosting a giveaway open to anyone who makes the recipes featured here and posts them on the Discord server or on social media with the hashtags #FAMM23 and #GeekEats.

For these recipes, we wanted to create a snack and cocktail pairing that represented the festival. Additionally, we wanted to come up with something easy to make with ingredients available wherever you are watching from. The cocktail does feature Chattanooga Whiskey (the unofficial but official whiskey of the Chattanooga Film Festival) but you can substitute it with any bourbon. For the snack mix, we went with a cinnamony, salty, and sweet mix that will satisfy any craving you might have while watching movies. To prepare for Chattanooga Film Fest's Frightening Ass Movie Marathon, The Geeks have put together a themed cocktail and snack pairing. #snack #movienight #moviesnacks #CFF #cocktail

Tickets for the Frightening Ass Movie Marathon are available for $20 via CFF’s Patreon page (click here to access tickets), granting access to three secret feature titles which will unlock on Friday, October 13th, 2023 at designated times throughout the event. The movies will start at 10pm EST. Subscribers to the DSCS DOUBLE SECRET SCREENING SERIES tier of CFF’s Patreon will receive access to a bonus fourth film, as well which will start at 8pm EST. Additionally, the festival is offering all Patreon subscribers (all tiers) a 50% discount on FRIGHTENING ASS MOVIE MARATHON tickets for both themselves and a friend if the friend joins the Patreon at the $10 tier or above. Details will be available on the DSCS Discord Channel!

See y’all there!

*The Geeks were not compensated or given any comped items to facilitate this write-up; Opinions and recipes are wholly our own. View our Disclosure Policy for more info.

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