Miracle Mile Deli- A Longtime Valley Icon Dishes Deli Delights and a Deal!

Miracle Mile Deli The Hot Brisket of Beef

The Hot Brisket of Beef

Miracle Mile Deli has been a valley institution for 67 years. In fact, they are such an integral part of the community that Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton declared May 10th Miracle Mile Deli Day! With August being National Sandwich Month, we figured this was the prime time to pay them a visit.

Throughout August, Miracle Mile Deli will take each week to feature a different sandwich on their menu and offer it for just $9—this includes fries and a pickle!

  • August 1-7: The New Yorker—Hot Pastrami topped with homemade coleslaw and Miracle Mile Dressing. It’s a little taste of New York’s best in every bite!
  • August 8-14: The Hot Brisket of Beef—A family recipe of the most tender and leanest beef that simply melts in your mouth.
  • August 15-21: The Combo Sandwich—The perfect combination of Miracle Mile Deli’s two most popular meats, Hot Pastrami and Hot Corned Beef, stacked together for one tasty meal!
  • August 22-31: The Straw—Hot Pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and steamy sauerkraut piled high on your favorite bread.

We wanted to try a few of the sandwiches that will be a part of this promotion so we tried The Hot Brisket of Beef and The Straw. At the suggestion of the manager, we ordered The Hot Brisket of Beef on a kaiser roll. This was a good call. Loaded with a ton of juicy brisket, even the kaiser roll didn’t have a chance of holding up! This sandwich is definitely a fork and knife type of deal. That doesn’t detract from the fact that it tastes fantastic!

Miracle Mile Deli The Straw

The Straw

The other sandwich we ordered was The Straw. We ordered this on the marble rye. We discussed the bread while eating because it intrigued us. Typically when you order a hot sandwich it comes out on toasted bread. This bread was not toasted. We actually really enjoyed this about the sandwich. By not toasting it, the flavor of the bread really shone through and stayed present against the meat and sauerkraut. Speaking of the pastrami and sauerkraut, we were blown away by how much flavor this sandwich packed. The tangy sauerkraut totally balanced the rich cheese and pastrami. The Straw is a must order for every first timer!

It’s easy to see why Miracle Mile Deli has had the lasting power it has. Be sure to take advantage of their National Sandwich Month deal! The thought has crossed our minds to go back for The Straw! Where is your favorite place to get a deli style sandwich? We’d love to know! Leave a comment below or use the hash tag #GeekEats.

Miracle Mile Deli is located at: 4433 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016

*The Geeks were given comped items to facilitate this write-up; Information about the menu items and  was provided to us, opinions are wholly our own. View our Disclosure Policy for more info.



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  1. Can you share your pastrami sandwich recipe. I am 76 Grew up in Phoenix eating at the Miracle Mile at Park Central. Now live near Seattle and very much miss your great sandwiches and dill pickles. Thanks sharynbbaker70@gmail.com

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