Up Your Potato Salad Game With The Peace, Love, & Potato Salad Cookbook

 The Geeks review The Peace, Love, and Potato Salad Cookbook and share their thoughts about this cookbook devoted to the classic side dish. 2geekswhoeat.com #cookbook #potatosaladTypically when you think of potato salad you think of a goopy and mayo laden bowl of mushy potatoes. Sure, there is a time and place for this type of side dish (mainly when you are in a rush on your way to a party). However, it is not the only way to eat potato salad.

We were sent a copy of the Zack Brown’s (you know, the guy who crowdfunded a bowl of potato salad on Kickstarter) The Peace, Love, & Potato Salad Cookbook which offers home cooks 24 recipes (some don’t even have mayo in them!) and new ideas on this classic dish.

As described by the publisher:

The Peace, Love & Potato Salad Cookbook is the result of one man’s attempt at making potato with the help of the world. Featuring 24 delicious and wide-ranging potato salad recipes, this fun and engaging cookbook is the result of the generous support of the backers who elevated Zack Brown’s crowdfunding appeal  from a simple, good-humored joke to philanthropic levels covered by Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, and the Huffington Post. In an effort to do “the most good that he can,” with the Kickstarter funds and his new found fame, Zack’s new cookbook will continue to spread the word about “peace, love, & potato salad.”

When we first started digging into this cookbook, the most striking feature was how beautiful each potato salad looked (we might be biased as we really enjoy potato salad already). The book is divided seasonally with different variations fitting to that season. The potato salad we made, The Green Bean and Fingerling Potato Salad, came from the Spring section. True to it’s section, it was light and perfect for a spring meal. The colors were vibrant, as were the flavors.

The recipes range from classic to unique (Grilled Flank Steak and Potato Salad Tostados anyone?). There is even a recipe for Spicy Korean Potato Salad that includes kimchi in it! There are so many delicious sounding recipes that we can’t wait to try! There is something for everyone. Mayo lover or not, you will find the potato salad for you! How do you like your potato salad? What’s your favorite recipe? Let us know in comments below or use the hash tag #GeekEats!

Peace, Love, and Potato Salad

*The Geeks were given a review copy of The Peace, Love, and Potato Salad Cookbook to facilitate this write-up and interview; Recipe shared with permission from Spring House Press. All opinions are wholly our own. View our Disclosure Policy for more info.




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