Shark Movie Inspired Recipes Perfect For Shark Week

Who’s ready for Shark Week? This year Discovery is starting their Shark Week programming on August 9th! This includes shows like Air Jaws 2020, Sharks of Ghost Island, and Lair of the Great White. There are even some celebrities getting in on the shark fun with shows like Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef, Shaqattack, and Will Smith: Off the Deep End.

We thought it would be fun to round up a few of our favorite recipes inspired by shark movies! We even included a few of our favorite geeky food blogger friends! From Jaws to Sharknado, there is something fun for everyone here! So let’s get started!

  • The Sinking Feeling (47 Meters Down)- Don’t let the use of blue curacao fool you, this updated version of the Shark Bite cocktail will impress even the snootiest craft cocktail drinker! Inspired by 47 Meters Down, The Sinking Feeling is a delicious update to the classic Shark Bite Cocktail [Sponsored] #Cocktails #HorrorMovies #Halloween #Horror Recipes #SharkWeek #SharkWeekIdeas
  • Meg-a Shrimp Cocktail (The Meg)- Bigger is always better when it comes to shrimp cocktail, right? This shrimp cocktail recipe is also unique in that the shrimp are grilled before they are chilled. The result is a Meg-a flavor explosion! Shrimp Cocktail | Movie Inspired Recipes | Appetizers | The Geeks created a mega recipe, Meg-a Shrimp Cocktail, for the summer hit The Meg!
  • Preacher’s Perfect Omelet (Deep Blue Sea)- Remember in Deep Blue Sea when Preacher leaves a video about the perfect omelet? Well, we do and we recreated it! Inspired by Deep Blue Sea, The Geeks have created a recipe for Preacher's Perfect Omelet referencing the one made by LL Cool J's character. #SharkWeek #BreakfastRecipes #Omelet #HorrorMovieFood #HorrorMovieRecipes #HorrorMovies #Brunch #GeekyFood #GeekyRecipes
  • Amity Island Shrimp Boats (Jaws) from Witchy Kitchen- You can never have too many shrimp recipes! Witchy Kitchen has taken inspiration from Jaws’ New England setting and come up with an incredible update on the traditional lobster roll. Amity Island Shrimp Boats by Witchy Kitchen
  • Jaws Pie (Jaws) from Popcorner Reviews- Monica over at Popcorner Reviews always makes amazing baked goods! We would be dumb to not include her fabulous Jaws pie which she made to celebrate the anniversary of the film. Jaws Pie by Popcorner Reviews
  • Feeding Frenzy Cocktail (Sharknado) from Thrillist- When you have an over the top movie like Sharknado, you need a cocktail that is also over the top. Thrillist has delivered just that with their Feeding Frenzy Cocktail. Feeding Frenzy Cocktail by Thrillist

We hope you enjoy trying out these recipes! Be sure to bookmark it and pin it for later as we will be adding to it as we create new recipes! Did you know that we have pins for most of our recipes? Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to see the latest! Also, be sure to join our Geek Eats Facebook group to see what all of our favorite geeky food bloggers are cooking up.

*This article is comprised of recipes collected by the Geeks; Original recipes were created by the listed sites. View our Disclosure Policy for more info.

From 47 Meters Down to Jaws, The Geeks have rounded up some shark movie inspired recipes perfect for celebrating Shark Week and sinking your teeth into! #SharkWeek #SharkWeek2020 #HorrorRecipes #Horror MovieRecipes #PartyIdeas #Jaws #Sharknado #47MetersDown #CocktailRecipes #DessertRecipes #MainDishRecipes</div style>

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