12 Terrific Recipes for National Tea Day

Happy National Tea Day! We know it’s been a while, but we are finally getting closer to being all settled in at the new Geeks Who Eat Headquarters! We thought it would be fun to catch up today since it is National Tea Day! In celebration of one of our favorite beverages, we put together some recipes that would make for a terrific tea party of your very own!

Tea Sandwiches

Savory Snacks

  • Smoked Salmon and Dill Deviled Eggs- Smoked salmon, dill, and egg are a fantastic combo for tea! Love the idea? These Shape of Water-inspired eggs are for you! Appetizers | Movie Food | Deviled Eggs | The Geeks have created a new recipe, Smoked Salmon & Dill Deviled Eggs, inspired by Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water. 2geekswhoeat.com
  • West Egg Deviled Eggs- More interested in The Great Gatsby and the Roaring 20s? These deviled eggs are the epitome of decadence that would impress even Jay Gatsby. West Egg Deviled Eggs are perfect your next 1920s themed party as they excude the opulence of the era! 2geekswhoeat.com #Zelda #Food
  • Gus Gus’ Selection of Cheeses- Hosting a princess tea? How about a Cinderella-themed cheese selection? Need some tips on building your own cheese board? We have an article just for that! [AD] Cinderella | Disney Recipes | Disney Food | Cheese Board | Inspired by Cinderella's French setting, The Geeks have created a cheese selection featuring some French favorites styled after the films iconic moments. 2geekswhoeat.com
  • Goat Cheese Sea Shell Bites- Another great option for a princess tea, our Goat Cheese Sea Shell Bites inspired by The Little Mermaid are always a hit! [AD] Disney Recipes | The Little Mermaid | Disney Party Recipes | Princess Party | The celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Little Mermaid, The Geeks have come up with a super easy but cute recipe for Goat Cheese Seashell Bites! This appetizer is sure to please a crowd! 2geekswhoeat.com

Sweet Treats

  • Sallah’s Date Spread- Want something different than cookies or cakes? Sallah’s Date Spread is delicious on tea cookies or as bruschetta! Movie Recipes | Date Spread | Date Recipes | Bruschetta Toppings | Indiana Jones Recipes | For their latest recipe for Phoenix Public Market, The Geeks have taken inspiration from Raiders of the Lost Ark and created Sallah's Date Spread. This spread is perfect for tea cookies or even a batch of bruschetta! [sponsored] 2geekswhoeat.com
  • Tea Leaf Shortbread Cookies- One of our favorite recipes, our Get Out inspired Tea Leaf Shortbread Cookies are easy and full of flavor. These Tea Leaf Shortbread Cookies are inspired by Jordan Peele's Thriller Get Out and are the perfect tea time treat! 2geekswhoeat.com #HorrorMovieRecipes #MovieFood #MovieRecipes #Cookies #Baking #TeaIdeas #GetOut #Shortbread #Tea
  • Royal-Tea Cookies- A variation on our Get Out inspired cookies, this Royal Tea Cookie recipe just switches the type of tea! Inspired by the Netflix hit show, The Crown, The Geeks have whipped up a batch of Royal-Tea Cookies so good that they are fit for royalty! 2geekswhoeat.com #Netflix #TheCrown #Cookies #Baking #BakingRecipes #CookieRecipes #Tea #TeaTime
  • Cherry Almond Tea Cakes-  These Annabelle: Creation-inspired tea cakes are a spooky yet subtle addition to your tea party. Dessert | Tea Recipes | Movie Recipes | Inspired by Annabelle: Creation The Geeks have created Cherry Almond Tea Cakes perfect for any tea party! Even one with a demon! [Giveaway] 2geekswhoeat.com

Looking for another way to celebrate National Tea Day? How about a Downton Abbey Inspired Tea Party? What type of geeky tea party would you like to attend? Do you have a favorite themed tea? Let us know in the comments below! We are hoping to have new recipes up by the end of the month!

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